DJs are aware that equipment transport is a tedious process, from loading to unloading until set-up. To speed-up the process, I tried to devise a table that would help save time and very convenient to use. I made a prototype and kept developing it according to the needs at hand and to meet the safety standards required in the U.S.

This table will be the DJs and promoters best friend. Just load equipment on the table and it can be wheeled to the venue with minimal lifting. It also reduces the number of trips you make to and from the vehicle.

The table only requires a one-time assembly. It also contains a laptop holder, a tray to hold power surge outlet, poles and a T-bar to secure easy mounting of lights.

With MY DJ Promotional Event Table (DJ PET), save time on setting up and packing up with effortless transportation.

Raise those lights in a press of button through wireless remote and get that party started.